My wife left the big chain pharmacies because they could never seem to fill her order properly - ~15 RX's per month. Always fighting their auto-refill system, not getting straight answers when issues, a few flat out deceptions, and simply ongoing poor customer service even to the point of rudeness. She left and came to Perry Compounding Pharmacy based on a doctor's recommendation. I resisted as I wanted the convenience of the larger chain pharmacies. That went okay until they messed me around a few times. I gave up and followed suit and went to Perry Compounding Pharmacy. That was about a 12 to 16 months ago. I must say with great confidence... It is a wonderful feeling when the pharmacy staff knows me and my wife by name. They know our health issues and have always taken care of us. They've have dealt with our insurance carriers and doctors as needed, they have offered rebates as they are available, they have gone out of their way in after hour scenarios to help us. They have made the RX world an easier place for us to navigate. We are ADDICTED to the great service we get from Perry Compounding Pharmacy!!!

– Michael A.